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You can use Cap04 with Mach3 in 2 ways.

1. You can use as a stand alone THC in Plasma or Oxy-Fuel Cutter applications

2. Together with voltage controlled THC as a IHS (Initial Height Sensor), and Capacitive Limit Switch in Plasma Cutter applications.IN POSITION and TOUCH outputs can be used



Sensor connection made via parallel port and requires 3 or 4 inputs.

You can use THC UP and THC DOWN inputs for controlling the height by capacitive sensing.


Also connect.Cap04 IN POSITION output  to the Probe Input shown below.


Connect Cap04 TOUCH output to the – Z limit switch in voltage controlled height sensing applications


You need simple macro for M3 (or M03) command . It could be easily edit or create in VB editor or simply copy and paste. Please call for the latest Macro codes.

M3 Code Download ZIP file 

Dim PierceHeight, PierceTime, Z_Min_Height, Z_Pos

PierceHeight = GetUserDRO(1000) 
PierceTime = GetUserDRO(1001)

Z_Min_Height= GetUserDRO(1003) 
code "G31Z"&(Z_Min_Height)
/ This will allow to continuously follow the curve on cutting material
While IsMoving()

Z_Pos = GetDro(2) 
code "G1Z"&(Z_pos+PierceHeight)
// This will allow to rise Piercing level
While IsMoving()

code "G4P1"
code "G4P"&(PierceTime)
// Wait for Piercing. Config>GeneralConfig> check G04 Dwelli in ms  box


G Code 

You don't need cutting height or piercing height in your cam software. 

Delete ALL Z values after M3 command until M5 present.

You only need retract level ( Z ) for Torch moves up between cuts.


Sample G Code

G21 (Units: Metric)
G53 G90 G91.1 G40
G00 X0 Y0 z0
G01 x10
M3  (Z axe down until cutting height, Up for piercing level, wait for piercing than go)
g0 z-40 (Retract level between cuts)





Connection diagram of CAP04 with Mach3 shown below



MACH3 Configuration:


1. You need 2. Port LPT input on your PC and enable it. Address may vary.





2. Configure 2. Port inputs

     Config>Ports&Pins>Input Signal>Enable THC ON (Arc Ok) , THC UP,  THC DOWN and PROBE inputs 

Note: THC ON must activated for X/Y movement, if you have not such output, enabled it continuously with jumper or reversed Active Low selection. 




3. Configure -Z Limit Switch input. 

    (This may not require or you can cofigure on your request such as TOUCH or WARNING facility)




4.Config>Motor Tuning. 

    Increase Acceleration value about 1.5 times greater (or more) velocity of Z axis.



5. In GENERAL CONFIG section check "G04 ms" box 


6. Configure THC Options

     Config > Mill Options > Un-check Allow THC Up/Down... option 




7. Use our Plasma11 screen set  Download ZIP file

    Important points are in circles.



8. Rename your M3. to M3org. Also copy and rename our M3*. file to M3. 

     Use TEST file Download 




Turkce Mach3 programı (Turkce  yardim menusu) icin:


Mach3_Turkce  ZIP dosyasini indirin



Turkce Mach3 Ekrani icin


Plasma11Trk.rar   dosyasini indirin, acin.

Plasma11Trk.set  dosyasini  C:\ Mach3 \ dizininin (Directory) icine kopyalayin. 

Mach3 u çalistirin

Daha sonra View>Load Screen>Plasma11Trk yi secin.


MillBitmaps.rar   dosyasini indirin, acn

Butun . jpg dosyalarini C:\ Mach3 \ Bitmaps \ Millbitmaps \  dizininin (Directory) icine ,

M3.rar  Makro dosyasini indirin, acin,  C:\ Mach3 \Macro\ veya C:\ Mach3 \Macro\Plasma dizininin (Directory) icine kopyalayin.

(Hangi Profil ismini kullaniyorsaniz oraya kopyalayacaksiniz. Ornek: Plasma1 ....veya sizin adlndirdiginiz isim.)





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