F2300 Interface


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Price F2300


Cap04 Interface Card for Stand Alone Z axis


  • You do not need high cost " T " models. You can use standart models for both, Plasma and Oxy-Fuel.

  • Can be used for both Plasma and Oxy Cutting, with only one Cap04.

  • Our 2300 Interface can be used for all functions provided by F2300 (or similar models).

  • Crash / Touch Detection

  • IHS (Initial Height Sensing)

  • Lock (Height stays constant)


F2300 Interface Connections:


1- Inposition for IHS

2- Touch for Crash Detection



1- Manual Down

2- Manual Up

3- IHS Check

4- Enable

5- Lock


Motor Outputs: Up and Down with PWM, which makes the Z axis motion smooth (PWM  generated by Cap04)


  • During downward movement (by the operator), Torch never goes down for more than cutting level.

  • This is the most common operator's fault, for the Torch Crashing




F2300 Input Card and Output Card with LEDs.


  • You can easily observe inputs and outputs status with LEDs.

  • You can add Inputs and Outputs without preparing new input and output cables after installation is finished.

  • It also helps wiring fault detection and for broken cables in a long time usage.

  • Output Card has CURRENT LIMITER to protect F2300 outputs


Differential Stepper Motor Interface Card with LEDs

  • You can use long cable to the Stepper Motor Driver without being affected by any electrical noise due to differential signals.


Wiring Schematic






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